About Borrani Australia

Borrani have been manufacturing motorcycle rims for many years and as the premier supplier of aluminium motorcycle rims there product is renown the world over. The rims have not been available in Australia and we have taken the agency to supply the rims here in Australia and New Zealand.

I have been associated with motorcycles since 1972 and have a long history with the supply and installation of motorcycle parts and accessories.  Our location can be a challenge when sourcing parts for overseas suppliers with many obstacles slowing the delivery.

My current passion is for Italian motorcycles and in particular Moto Guzzi.

To order parts shown on my site please send me an email outlining the parts numbers and prices listed that you require and we can come back with firm pricing and delivery times. Overseas suppliers often do not have the same concerns re urgency that we have and sometimes responses to enquiries can be slow.

Dr. Graeme Studdert